1. You’re going to be a lot busier than you can imagine.  

Even if you’re moving into your dream home, moving isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s hard work. (That’s why professional moving companies exist!)

If you’re moving long-distance, you need to organize the logistics of getting your family from one city into another. Transferring medical records, booking hotels and/or flights, registering the kids for school…that all takes time! And even if you’re moving within the same zip code, you’ll have to schedule your moving responsibilities around your full-time job, family life, housework, and other obligations

Exhausted yet?

Moving and packing are overwhelming enough. Throw in some grumpy kids, a rowdy dog, and some bad weather and you have a recipe for disaster.

Professional packing services can take some of that burden off your shoulders so you can tackle your own to-do list while the movers and packers do all of the work.  

2. Movers and packers are insured.

You’re moving into a new apartment and trip walking up the stairs. Whoops! Grandma’s prized ceramic egg is now in a hundred pieces. Too bad! (Hope Grandma’s not too furious.)

But if you hire a professional packing service, it’s covered. They accidentally drop your new MacBook? It’s covered. Snag your couch on an exposed nail? It’s covered.

In most cases, though, professional movers and packers are a LOT more careful with your belongings than you are. They do this all the time (unlike you), so mistakes are rare. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands?

3. Moving companies have the correct equipment.

Think a dolly and a few boxes are all you need? Think again.

Packing companies use heavy duty tape, bubble wrap, special furniture dollies, special crates for some fragile items, and ratchet straps to prevent damage and injury during the move. Professionals know how to maneuver big items, tape them shut, and fit them into moving trucks like a puzzle.

4. Movers and packers are exponentially faster than you and your buddies.

Whether they’re loading up furniture or packing boxes, moving crews are efficient. It’s what they do, day-in and day-out.

Grabbing a couple of friends, on the other hand, can make your move take days. And that’s if you can get help at all. Most people find that their friends suddenly have “important plans” once your moving day actually rolls around and very few are available over the several weeks it takes to help pack everything you own.

Professional movers are fast and reliable. Depending on your house size, professional packers can have you in the truck and on the road before you can find 100 boxes.


Hiring professional movers and packers is the smart and economical thing to do. You get the time to relax and focus on the fun aspects of moving, like painting, decorating, and exploring your new neighborhood.

With pro packing services, your belongings are protected without you having to worry about gathering boxes, renting equipment, or figuring out how to pack a truck. And the best part is, it can save you money!

Let the moving and packing experts at Consolidated Movers take care of your next move. Get a free and fast quote on packing services and see how much time and money you can save. We look forward to serving you!